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When SciFi meets Fantasy & Mythology


Universe in Flames is my first book series. While it's categorized as Science Fiction of the Space Opera kind, it contains elements and influences that make it more of a cross-genre series than your typical space opera books. 


Status: Ongoing

Next Release ETA: April 2018 --> Earth - Last Sanctuary (Definitive Edition)
Next Release after that
: Summer 2018 : Book 1 of the next series (Universe in Flames Legacy)

In the same universe


Novellas will be published in the same universe, some might follow secondary characters or simply be outside or bridging the timeline of the main series. There is one such novella published at the moment. Since I'm focusing on the main story, there are no other novellas planned at this time. Perhaps later, though, as I have a few ideas that would make interesting additions as Novellas in this universe.

When Cyberpunk meets Time Travel


REWIND 717 is my first book outside the Universe in Flames series and of a different style. It combines anti-terrorism with the help of time travel but also questions how far the human race is willing to go in terms of sacrificing freedoms and privacy in return for a veil or illusion of safety. If you like a dash of consipracy theory in your Sci-Fi, then you should like this book.


Status: Rewind 717 standalone released and available on Amazon (Select, free to read with Amazon Unlimited). A sequel will be forthcoming later in 2017, early 2018.


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