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Rewind 717


The year is 2175. Many years after the passing of his wife, widower Agent Cole Seeker was recruited by the top secret government agency Rewind thanks to a very rare DNA marker in his genetic make-up. This allows him to safely jump back in time (for a maximum of 717 minutes) in order to prevent terrorist attacks and disasters from ever taking place.

When New Geneva suffers a nuclear strike, he is tasked to jump back in time to rewrite history. A race against time in what was once the heart of Switzerland ensues. Cole hunts down a ruthless but cunning terrorist that has escaped his grasp on many occasions during past missions. Cole is determined to end the life of this man once and for all, even if it means breaking mission protocols.

With the aid of his brain enhancing AI implant TAIHNA, Cole runs for both his life and everyone's in New Geneva. Soon Cole discovers that nothing is as it seems and he will have to make a choice he never thought he would be faced with. One with more implications than he could ever have imagined.




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Time is relative?


Well I was skeptical to read a "modern" scifi novel, meaning the oldies but goodies of days gone by scifi were very different! This one started out pretty good so I kept going because it seemed to run along those lines. However, about more than half way through the author started to "preach" a little about the environment and that almost put me off the book! Let me explain, when I read, I don't want a lecture! I read for pleasure, escape, not to be bombarded by social problems! But I soldiered on and was glad I did, was well written and did finish well and did have the ingredients for a very good novel in the end! Would I recommend it? Absolutely!


4 star Review by Bobby Amann on Amazon

Artwork by Tom Edwards

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Rewind 717


Rewind 717, the new book from one of my favorite emerging authors, is a fast paced & action packed (action junkies will love this!) science fiction story set on Earth in the year 2175. Only a few cities have survived WWIII's nuclear war and Agent Cole Seeker is attempting to prevent New Geneva from being obliterated by any means necessary. A futuristic take on fighting terrorism with time travel in a cyberpunk & dystopian setting. The main character Cole Seeker that isn't too far remote from Jack Bauer in terms of his willingness to do anything necessary to accomplish his mission and save the day, even at great personal cost to himself and the people around him. I really enjoyed the concept of the secondary character being a female AI and the slightly romantic discussion they had (inside the protagonist's head). While I prefer Christian's Universe in Flame series (space opera is my favorite genre), Rewind is a very fun book to read that is easily digested but still raises interesting questions as per the limit of humanity's willingness to let freedom disappear little by little for the sake of security. Has some interesting twists and is the first book Christian wrote that doesn't end in a cliffhanger. You can't go wrong with this author, highly recommended.


5 star review by Russ92 on Amazon

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