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Novella 1: Ryonna's Wrath

Ryonna, the Droxian who helped Chase and Sarah procure quadrinium for their fight against Zarlack forces threatening Earth, continues her mission to rescue her abducted son, Ronan.


While acquiring vital information to infiltrate Hellstar, the maximum security prison her son is being held in, she makes an unlikely alliance that raises shadows from her past. It quickly becomes clear that the reasons behind the bounty on her head run deeper than she could ever have imagined. The shocking implications will turn Ryonna's entire life upside down.


While attempting to break Ronan out of Hellstar remains her top priority, she embarks on a series of highly dangerous trials in order to uncover the truth behind it all, putting her life, mission and even her sanity on the line at every turn.



Ryonna's Wrath can be found in Earth - Last Sanctuary (Definitive Edition) or Universe in Flames Boxset 5+1.


* * * * *

Fantastic Read. VERY well written!! Kept my attention and made me wish I had learned to speed read a Whole lot better than I can now! The story is put together very nicely and is easy to follow.


5 star review by Amazon Customer on Amazon

Artwork by Christian Kallias

* * * * *


If you don't read the series, this is a stand alone thrill ride! Easy read, fast paced, constant motion!!


I have read the first in the series, and now the intermediary before the second, 1.5 as it were. While I am easily guessing this novella is not so important to the series that you have to read it, it's just such a great thrill ride.


5 star review by Welmon B Pippin on Amazon

* * * * *


Leaves no room for a breather, fun and gut wrenching at times


A fast-paced, thrilling and somewhat dark story, which offers more background on Ryonna, one of the coolest characters from Kallias's series Universe In Flames.


5 star review by Miliana Chipaila on Amazon

* * * * *


This is a side story from the Universe In Flames series but it stands on its own as a Novella. It follows Ryonna's character in a fast paced story, filled with pumping action & thrilling moments as well as the author's trademark of surprising and suspenseful plot twists. You can’t read anything like it anywhere else and once you're done reading it, you're left wanting more. The author's writing gets better with every book and I can whole heartily recommend it to everyone who loves fast paced, well written Sci-Fi.


5 star review by Russ92 on Amazon

* * * * *


Ryonna is Awesome

It's great to discover more about Ryonna and how she came to be where Chase met her. She's quite bloodthirsty, but only toward people on the wrong side of her moral code. Her quest had me gripped.

Mr. Kallias's universe pulls me in more with each book I read.


5 star review by P. J. Lea on Amazon

* * * * *


Great! I loved it!

Hello Levi here again, and I just finished reading Ryonna's Wrath, I really loved how you described some of the things in here through like a military point of view, like when she got blood in her eyes, you said that here eyes became compromised with blood. I also think you did a great job of the characters development and creating a connection to someone who was presumed to be an enemy. To be honest I was disappointed when I finished the book, I was looking forward to reading how Ryonna broke out of prison with her son. Once again you captivated me with yet another page turning book!


5 star review by Levi Mueller on Amazon

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