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Book 8: Twilight of the Gods

The eighth book in the UNIVERSE IN FLAMES saga.

Darkness Extinguished the Starlight and the Gods Wept.

Chase tries to convince Thor and the Asgardians to reconsider Kvasir's fate as well as membership in the Earth Alliance. Oryn believes she knows a way to convince the Asgardians to join them in their fight against the Furies, but Thor is not easily manipulated.

The Furies move en masse to Droxia to finish what they started earlier as Sarah is tested in unexpected ways.

When Arakan sets his sights on Asgard, Chase sees this as an opportunity to assemble a strong and forceful Alliance. One that could bring down the Furies once and for all.

Despite appearances, Supreme Commander Arakan knows exactly what he's doing. And as the battle draws near, he's determined to strike a blow to the heart of the opposition; one that will resonate throughout the ages.

Artwork by Christian Kallias


* * * * *

The absolute best in the series so far! Extraordinarily well balanced between action, unlocking the hidden mysteries of the protagonists origins and starting the final sprint towards the extermination of the Fury menace. The absolute best in the series so far!

5 star review by Waltika on Amazon

* * * * *

The best of the best. As the headline says, this book and the complete series 8 books so far really are the best . Looking desperately for number 9. I will not attempt to tell you anything about them I might spoil them; all I will say is read them ALL. They are BRILLIANT  many late nights coz I could not put them down. Take my advise ,READ THEM you will not regret it each book gets progressively BETTER.

5 star review by Shaggy Dog on Amazon

* * * * *

Another great story in the Universe in Flames Series, Christian has a writing style that sucks you and gets you attached to the characters, their story, the surroundings and most of all the journey. When I stop to think I am reading #8 in a series and still loving it, you know this is amazing and bittersweet. Now I have to always have the next book in my wish list along with so many other great authors and I sometimes stop reading those to get my next installment of Chase and Ryonna.

5 star review by Amazon Customer on Amazon

* * * * *

When is the next book...?

Arrrh! When's the next book out? I keep saying it...Mr. Kallias has done it again!!! I can't believe so much is inside his head! Don't get me wrong! I love that man's imagination. The story of Chase and his ever-expanding family, friends and foes of course...."IN A GALAXY fa..."...hmmm? Here actually Chase arrived from his devastated home world, at a future Earth. Running from their foe, dangerously low on resources, they had no choice but to request a haven, somewhere where they could rest, regroup and carry out repairs, they were, eventually accepted, they lived side by side helping each other....unfortunately their contentment was short lived as....Hey! Why don't you get along to Amazon and start the Universe in Flames series, commencing with book one Earth Last Sanctuary! For you avid followers out there, it's gonna be a bumpy Astral ride to the future, our collective future!...battles, bloodshed, surprises, shocks, sadness annnd! some steamy chapters! Ladies!..So! who ever you are, newbies or avids? this book will knock your socks off! There's sooo! much to tell you...but I won't spoil it for you. I don't think you need a remainder...Lol    

5 star review by Jay D'Arcy on Amazon

* * * * *

The next thrilling installment. Fantastic 8th book in the series. The pace is non-stop with high emotions and drama. Cannot recommend the Universe in Flames series enough, if you like Star Wars, Stargate, etc. but looking for something more then this is for you. Christian is a great writer with clear passion for the universe he has created, which can be felt with every page. One word of caution, don’t read these books out of order, it will ruin the surprises and fun. Start at the first one and enjoy. Fantastic books. If you like this series, be sure to check out Christians other books, Rewind 717 is a very different but equally as thrilling read.

5 star review by Chris Oldham on Amazon

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