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Book 3: Destination Oblivion
The third book in the UNIVERSE IN FLAMES saga.


Still haunted by nightmares about Sarah, Chase leaves the Earth Alliance and discards both Aphroditis and Ares’ counsel in his quest for revenge. He falls into a dangerous, dark pit of hatred, sorrow and regret that consumes his soul with every passing moment.


In the meantime, the Earth Alliance, now equipped with better technology, is winning most of its battles against the Zarlack forces, while the Obsidian Empire enters into talks to join the Alliance, their once mortal enemy.


When Argos finds the hiding place of the Olympians and decides to strike, he reappears on Chase’s radar. Blinded by rage and fully determined to unleash the full brunt of his vengeance upon Argos, Chase teams up with Keera, a sexy bounty hunter, to hunt him down with only one purpose in mind: to end his life forever.


But nothing is really as it seems and Chase’s life is again about to be turned upside down.

Artwork by Christian Kallias


* * * * *

A good series just got better


Just when I thought I knew the direction the author was tacking....BAM... He threw an amazing curveball. I continue to be impressed with the story and the writing. Please keep up the good work and anxiously awaiting book 4!


5 star review by Timothy Carter on Amazon

* * * * *


True Space Opera in Classic Style!!


Five stars again for improvement of characters and story line, each episode just gets better. I couldn't seem to put Destination Oblivion down for long. Exciting action, need to find out what happens next. Turning into a mesmerizing series. True soap opera with good and bad guys, love, and Earth consciousness. Christian Kallias did send me a copy for this honest review. Gotta go find #4 and find out what happens next.


5 star review by Amazon Customer on Amazon

* * * * *
An Unexpected Turn to a Page-Turning Story!


Chase is shattered but Keera succeeds in making him stop wallowing in his regrets and join her quest for Argos. Although Chase has all the incentive to become a bitter and vengeful person, he rises above it because his heart is in the right place. The plot was gripping and the end gives the story a both happy but also unexpected twist. I have enjoyed each and everyone of Christian's books so far and I unreservedly recommend them to anyone who loves the genre.


5 star review by JennyK on Amazon

* * * * *

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this eBook


I thought that this would be about getting Sarah back, but it was so much more. The story line takes you in several different directions, with interesting side stories, then brings you back to Chase and company for the finale. A finale which will be a total surprise. Can't wait to read the next book.


5 star review by Robert P. McCarty on Amazon

* * * * *

Christian Kallias makes you think

Christian Kallias is so very talented when it comes to writing Space Operas. I've recently started to follow Christian's Universe in flames series of books. The third book in the series 'Destination Oblivion' the continuing saga of Chase and friends from the Alliance and Earth, battling to save Planet Earth from foes so dangerous, that Earth and its inhabitants are in danger of being destroyed.


Christian's talent, in my opinion, lies in his ability to take the reader to a realistic landscape, it's a story of the safety of humanity and what may come to pass if we don't act to protect and care for Gaia. There's just enough interestingly clever technology, it entwines and runs with the story, keeping the story interesting, but doesn't bore you waiting for the long techie bit to finish lol! Destination Oblivion is very highly recommended, can't wait to start to read book four 'The beginning of the end'.


5 star review by Jay on Amazon

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