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Book 6: Shadows of Olympus


The sixth book in the UNIVERSE IN FLAMES saga.

With the arrival of a powerful new threat in orbit around Earth, the Alliance is forced to vacate Earth space while a small group stays behind to ensure humanity isn’t enslaved or worse, wiped out.

Meanwhile the rest of the fleet splits into separate missions, each of them vital in rebuilding the Earth Alliance forces and strengthening what’s left of the fleet. Sarah, Chris and Daniel follow a lead to a remote part of space in the hope of establishing a dialogue with the Asgardians, unaware of the dangers that will await them upon arrival.

Chase’s visit to Olympus to meet with Zeus doesn’t go as planned but he learns crucial information that could turn the tides of the Fury war. Chase soon realizes that to achieve a permanent alliance with Olympus, he will have to deal with a deadly new foe, one powerful enough to cancel out his Ultra Fury powers.

Artwork by Christian Kallias


* * * * *

Amazing Book!


This book is an amazing sequel to Rise of the Ultra Fury! There are some serious twists and turns! This is a must read for anyone who loves Sci-Fi fantasy! I loved it soo much! Thank you Christian for taking the time for writing this!! I look forward to book 7!


5 star review by Elizabeth Mueller on Amazon

* * * * *


This is a great series that keeps the action flowing and you guessing what's gonna happen next. This author does an excellent job of telling a story that brings our past myths of gods to the future of space. Can't wait till the next book.

5 star review by Amazon Customer on Amazon

* * * * *

Great Series so far. Like the series immensely .. have purchased all additional titles in advance so I can read the series up to the latest book available which at this point is BOOK 8 ... if you aren't reading this series you are missing some great writing and a outstanding take on the future.

5 star review by Murph on Amazon

* * * * *

On pins and needles! Awesome series! Can't wait to see what happens next! Carry on!

5 star review by Amazon Customer on Amazon

* * * * *

Awesome Read.

The battle continues. Chase is growing stronger, but the battles are more complicated, his family, friends and colleagues are fighting on all fronts to bring an end to the Fury menace, hoping to gather forces to help rid the galaxy of a foe long considered dead & gone forever. Not only does Chase have to deal with the Fury, but also a rogue AI who, as well as the Fury, is determined to wipe out the inhabitants of Earth for, as she sees it, causing destruction to planet Earth thus endangering Earth's flora and fauna.


Christian Kallias does it again with style, new characters, a deadly new foe and a long running hard fought battle for the Earth Alliance. Chris' Imagination and prose, helps you to empathize with his characters. For the first time I cried when reading a dialogue between former enemies, Chris' writing style carries you along on a fantastic voyage, it's impossible not to feel empathy for his characters. I thought this was the end of the space opera, so I'm ecstatic to find out, number 7 is on the way! I can't wait. Bring it on!

5 star review by Jay on Amazon

* * * * *

Reinventing the whole meaning to good sci-fi!


I was truly taken by the book! Not have read previous books to understand who all of the characters in the story were it took some time to get into it! But I overlooked that and just read it! Amazing story! Enough so that purchased first two in series to understand who all the people are and why they are! Looking forward to #7 but in the mean time will devour all previous books by Chris! BTW, if you haven't read "Rewind 717" do yourself a favor and read it! Different than this series but very very good! That's how I got introduced to Chris!

5 star review by Bobbi Amann on Amazon

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