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Sneak Peek at a New Release

Captain’s Log

New Release Sneak Peek


Author Christian Kallias


A Universe in Flames New Release

Captain’s Log – Stardate 72768.1

Good morning and Happy Easter and Happy Passover to those celebrating this week.

I have some exciting news that I would like to share with my readers and followers. The first book in a NEW Universe in Flames series is complete and in the editing phase. If you are a Patreon subscriber, you have read the advance copy of the book (pre-edited). I’ve added new scenes and changed some things around.

I hope to have Book 1 of this new UiF series published in the early part of May. This story takes place roughly one year after the end of the second Fury War (and one day after the last scene in Universe in Flames book 10: To End All Wars).

Here is a link to the UiF series if you haven't read them yet:

Also, you can get books 1-5 of the UiF series, plus a novella, for only $0.99 here:

Now, a little teaser to peak your curiosity:

It was during their last stand against the Furies, the evil race he partially belonged to, that Chase had lost everything. On the same day Chase defeated Tanak’Vor, they also destroyed Erevos (the Furies home world). Defeating the Spectre brought victory to the Earth Alliance, and the Fury War had been won. But the price for victory had cost him and weighed heavily on his soul. His father was gone, swallowed by a miniature black hole attack Tanak’Vor had managed to cast before Chase was able to extinguish the Spectre’s life. Also gone was his friend and mentor Ares. Before the final assault on Erevos, Chase had lost his grandfather, Zeus, and most of the Olympian race, when their enemy took out Olympus, resulting in more guilt for Chase.

Every day since the end of the war, Chase stood by Sarah’s side, talking to her even though he doubted she could hear him, feeling his soul grow darker as his hope withered away with each passing minute.

But today Chase knew he had to stop lamenting the situation and do something about it. Today he would get an Earth Alliance ship and head to the unknown regions of space in search of a cure for Sarah. If Alliance medicine was unable to help them, perhaps somewhere, someone out there, could provide a cure for his wife and aunt.

Chase would not rest until he found a way to bring them all back, or die trying.

I am eager to share this with you and bring you more stories of Chase and his crew and some exciting and interesting new characters and adventures. Stay tuned for more details and the book release.

Until then. . .

Enjoy your weekend adventures, and thank you for stopping by!

Wishing you all a relaxing and wonderful day.



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