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Rewind 717 & Far Beyond Series

Captain’s Log

Rewind 717 and the Far Beyond Series


Author Christian Kallias


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Captain’s Log – Stardate 72595.7

I edited and updated my futuristic, Sci-Fi thriller REWIND 717 and updated the graphics and cover. If you ever wondered whether your Freedom and Privacy were worth giving up for an illusion of Safety: You should enjoy reading this book.

What if you only had 717 minutes to save the world?

From the author of the bestseller saga UNIVERSE IN FLAMES

The year is 2175. Ex-military Agent Cole Seeker works for REWIND, a Top Secret Government Agency. Thanks to a rare DNA marker in his genetic make-up, he is the only one capable of jumping back a maximum of 717 minutes in time to prevent terrorist attacks and disasters from taking place.

When New Geneva suffers a nuclear strike, he jumps back in time to rewrite history, and a race against time ensues in what was once the heart of Switzerland. Cole hunts down a ruthless but cunning terrorist who escaped his grasp on many occasions during past missions. Cole is determined to end this man’s life once and for all, even if it means breaking mission protocols.

With the aid of his brain-enhancing AI implant, TAIHNA, Cole struggles to save the city from annihilation but soon discovers that nothing is as it seems. Now, he has to make an impossible choice with unpredictable outcomes...

Here is the link to buy Rewind 717:

If that isn’t enough to entice you to get Rewind 717, I also have my Far Beyond series on SALE for a limited time. Get both books for $0.99 each TODAY.

If you are wondering about Far Beyond, it’s like Ready Player One meets The Last Starfighter.

If you enjoy fast-paced, action-packed Sci-Fi with great characters, a healthy dose of humor, and good old-fashioned nostalgia from the 80s action movies, hit the BUY NOW button. No, seriously, what are you waiting for?

Far Beyond Book 1: Fire At Will

A boy, his dog, and a talking cat to save the galaxy? What could possibly go wrong?

After saving the Arcadian Confederate from certain destruction, Kevin's consciousness is cast back to Earth. But Kevin has a hard time readapting to his boring, no-thrills life. Not to mention no one seems to believe his tales of galaxy-hopping adventures.

Soon, the shit hits the fan when a Kregan operative shows up to hunt him down.

Kevin gets his wish of returning to his galactic adventures, except this time it’s not only his consciousness on the line, as the Arcadians task their best engineer, a talking cat, to enlist not only Kevin but his dog, Boomer, to come along.

If Kevin can’t whip this motley crew into shape, the galaxy’s doomed. By association, Kevin might inadvertently put Earth into the sights of the evil Kregan Empire. Can Kevin save the Arcadian princess from the grasp of her enemy and not jeopardize everything he holds dear in the process?

Far Beyond Book 2: Make It So!

Captured by the enemy, Kevin is in big trouble. Can he count on his friends to rescue him? Or will he have to save himself?

As a reward for saving Princess Kalliopy, Kevin ends up in the hands of pirates, who have nefarious plans for his future. Things look bleak, and his options are few.

Meanwhile, Boomer is mad at the princess for delivering Kevin to the enemy, and when an old foe comes into the picture, he has no other choice but to team up with her to mount a mission to rescue Kevin.

Kevin is forced to do horrible deeds while he bides his time hoping to escape his predicament, one growing worse with each passing day. As danger ramps up, time is of the essence, as are the odds of bringing the enemy to Kevin’s doorstep not only here but all the way back to Earth.

His friends are determined to get him out of Dodge, but the rescue mission is more complicated than it first appears. Can they save the day? Not only for their sake but also for both the Arcadian Confederate’s and Earth’s?

Thes books are also FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited

Enjoy whatever adventure you have scheduled for today, and thank you for stopping by!

Wishing you all a relaxing and wonderful day.



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