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Audio Book Lovers Rejoice!

Captain’s Log

Audio Book Lovers Rejoice


Author Christian Kallias


Audio Books

Captain’s Log – Stardate 72344.5

--== New UiF Audiobook ==--

Audiobook lovers rejoice!

Fury to the Stars is out on audiobook. Get it here for either one credit on audible, or if you have purchased the Kindle book, you can get it via whispersync for a little under half-price ($7.49)

Fury to the Stars - Universe in Flames AUDIOBOOK 2 is out!

Narrated by Greg Tremblay

Two brothers. One Destiny. A Fractured Universe.

With Commander Sarah Kepler imprisoned and being brutally interrogated by her captor, Chase learns more about his birthright powers as he tries to locate her. It soon becomes clear that he must learn to control them or he could end up destroying the very universe he's trying to save. Meanwhile, the Destiny battlegroup is being escorted to Droxia to answer for their actions, unaware of what awaits them upon their arrival. On Earth, humanity licks its wounds when some unforeseen acts of terror threaten the newly found peace that the fresh and frail Alliance brought along with their arrival. An unexpected ally surfaces with information that could tip the balance of power for the first time since the Obsidian Empire obliterated the Star Alliance. But considering past actions, can this ally really be trusted? Chase is determined to save his beloved Sarah at all costs, but with the fate of the universe in the balance and his overwhelming powers quickly coming to the surface, his task is not an easy one. Neither is the growing burden of responsibility already eating at his soul. Choices and sacrifices are to be made. But will Chase be able to live with the consequences of his actions?


And don't forget: Earth - Last Sanctuary (Definitive Edition) AUDIOBOOK is OUT!

If you've already bought the ebook and don't have an audible subscription, then you can get this at a discounted price of $7.68.


Also, don’t forget that you can purchase paperbacks of all my books. There's something magical about knowing that a physical copy of my book ends up in my reader’s hands, it's tangible, it's out there, and maybe in two hundred years it might still be that's why I'm so excited that all of the are available for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy whatever adventure you have scheduled for today, and thank you for stopping by! Wishing you all a relaxing and wonderful day.



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