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Captain's Log - Earth – Last Sanctuary (Book 1) reLAUNCHES April 24!

Captain’s Log

Earth – Last Sanctuary Definitive Edition Launch


Author Christian Kallias


Earth – Last Sanctuary (Universe in Flames Book 1) LAUNCH April 24

Captain’s Log – Stardate 71771.2

A (RE)LAUNCH of Earth - Last Sanctuary (Book 1) coming April 24!

While writing my new series (Universe in Flames Legacy), I took time to rewrite and rework the book that started it all: Earth - Last Sanctuary Book 1.

This book put me on the map and jump-started my writing career.

There were many things in the book I didn't like. My English for one (for those who don't know, it's not my first language) was limited, and while my first editor did a decent job on helping me, I always felt that my voice had been altered too much as a result.

It's not a full rewrite, but it certainly feels like one since it was such an extensive edit on my part and many changes to parts of the story. Dialogues were among one of the things that needed the most work, and in that sense, it will feel like a new book, or at the very least, a fresh take on one.

Since this is going to be a new release, the prior reviews will be deleted from Amazon (well over 284 reviews). Therefore, it will be much appreciated if my followers and readers could leave another review once the book is launched (as a matter of fact I REALLY count on you in this matter).

Reviews are huge for authors, and for this relaunch to go well, I will need to have as many as I can in the days following the launch.

I know many of you will re-buy the book (from previous launch experience), to support my work and career, and I'd like to reiterate my utmost thanks for doing so. It means so much to me that you'd be willing to pay for a book you may already have bought and read.

The book will be discounted and will launch at $0.99. The release date is set for April 24th.

I'm also reworked the cover of the book.

If you don't have time to re-read the book, that's okay, I would still appreciate if you can either repost an old version of your review, or if you read the book via the trilogy, then you know the main story well (nothing in the main plot was changed, just removed/rewrote some parts that seemed to attract 1 star reviews), so you could post a review of that book.

I wish you all a fantastic day.

Until next time.



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