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Captain's Log - Universe in Flames Book 10

Captain’s Log

Universe in Flames Book 10


Author Christian Kallias


Book 10 - It's Finally Done!!

Captain’s Log – Stardate 71481.3

I am happy to announce that the first draft of book 10 (The End of All Wars) is complete. It is a strange sensation typing ‘The End’ and experiencing the various settings and adventures I’ve been through with each of these characters. However, I am excited for what is in store for the future in this Universe and other story ideas I have, and the ideas I gleaned from my reader survey. Thank you.

The book is currently with my editor and will be released in approximately two weeks. Please stay tuned for more details and information. I am looking forward to launching the final book in the Fury arc and hearing reactions from my readers and fans.

I wanted to share an interview I did at the 20Books Las Vegas Convention in November 2017. This link points directly to my specific interview, but the whole video is a compilation of short interviews Josh Hayes and Scott Moon conducted on the final day of the conference. As Josh stated, “20BooksToVegas was a great experience. We had a phenomenal time meeting everyone…” Check out this link and my interview:

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Cheers.

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