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Captain's Log - Happy Holidays!

Captain’s Log

Happy Holidays!


Author Christian Kallias


A Sci-Fi Christmas Gift

Captain’s Log – Stardate 71443.3

Universe in Flames - $25 Off! Take a bite out of holiday shopping and welcome in the New Year by embarking on a journey with the Earth Alliance. For a limited time, all books in the series are $0.99 each; that's a whopping $25 you can save on the entire series. Get the books here:

I've had a great 2017. Many things happened for me. I've been a bestseller twice since May. I've traveled to the U.S. for the first time and had a blast at an indie author convention. I made a lot of new friends, all of which I'm truly grateful for.

Because of that, I wanted to do something special for Christmas to share the love. For some of you, this is my first email and I normally wouldn't contact you with a sale, but since this is a one-time deal that I think many of you will enjoy, I've decided to inform you.

It's not everyday that I drop my entire series to $0.99 for each book. That's a $25 rebate. For less than the price of 2 eBooks, you get 9 of them! I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

2018 is approaching fast and I have many new projects lined up for the coming year. January 2018 will see the release of the final book in the Fury Arc of the series (Book 10: To End All Wars). I was hoping to have the book released by the end of the year, but since it's the last book in the series, and most likely the longest of them, it's taking more time to finish as I want this to be my best book.I look forward to sharing my new projects with you in the coming year, so say tuned! I think you'll love what I have in store for the future.

I am Fury. Evil has followed me to Earth. I shall protect this world until my dying breath.

The Universe in Flames book series is a high-octane space opera that seamlessly blends Greek and Norse mythology for a thrill-a-minute ride, full of twists and turns you won’t see coming. If you thought Die Hard movies were action-packed, wait until you read these books.

For fans of Star Wars, Stargate, Babylon 5, and even DBZ.

Save a whopping $25 when purchasing the series during this sale.

Even if you own some or all of the books in this set, this offer makes a perfect Christmas gift for friends and family that enjoy Sci-Fi reading.

Review blurbs:

"Completely engrossing, I have sat for hours putting off tasks that needed to get done to keep reading. The author is a master at keeping you on edge, and surprising you at every turn. Do yourself a favor, and maybe for a this entire series! The best money I ever spent on Sci-Fi entertainment!!"

"This is by far the best space opera I have ever read. I loved the characters. This is better than Star Wars. I hope that someday some movie executive finds this series and turns it into a movie series."

"What fun! Characters worth knowing; near non-stop action; page-turning writing that's pretty darn addicting; and ancient Greek & Norse gods and goddesses seamlessly woven into the heart of a modern mythic adventure! Get this series if you love sci-fi, space opera and boundless imagination."

Wishing you all a wonderful day and Happy Holidays! Cheers.

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