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Captain's Log - Universe in Flames Book Series – A 2nd Trilogy is on it’s Way!!


Author Christian Kallias


Book 9 UiF Series Update & MORE

Captain’s Log – Stardate 71059.6

I am still in Greece and working on Book 9 (Into the Fire Part I) of the Universe in Flames Saga. Events in Chase’s world are happening fast and I will be excited to share this latest book with everyone.

On August 15, 2017 I will be launching The Second Universe in Flames Trilogy (Books 4-6) at a special introductory price of 0.99. This box set will include The Beginning of the End, Rise of the Ultra Fury, and Shadows of Olympus. If you love Epic Space Opera, breathtaking action along with a mix of mythology and adventure, you don’t want to miss out on this 2nd trilogy.

Cover Contest

My cover for Twilight of the Gods (Book 8) in the Universe in Flames Series has been chosen as a finalist for All Authors August 2017 Cover of the Month.

If you like my artwork, please go and vote for my book Twilight of the Gods at this link:

Please go and vote!! Thank you.

Continue to check in for further developments and updates. Cheers!

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