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Captain's Log - Universe in Flames Book Series - The Saga Continues


Author Christian Kallias


Book 9 UiF Series Update

Captain’s Log – Stardate 71002.9

This week has been a little more difficult to write and accomplish my goals. But I am determined to get back to my desk and continue writing the adventures of Chase and the Universe in Flames family. Here’s a sneak peak into what may be occurring in the next installment:

Chase felt the hatred from Oryn’s heart permeate throughout the air of Odin’s throne room, lowering its overall temperature. But he worried that Oryn would let blind revenge guide her actions, and she could get killed. He had promised his grandfather, just before he died, that he would take care of her. Right now, Oryn was being consumed by her hatred for Arakan. And Chase could feel that she would just go at him without a plan.

“I’d rather none of us engages Arakan on their own. That’s a sure way of being killed,” said Chase.

Oryn shot him a deadly look, her eyes glowing an icy blue. “He’s mine, and mine alone!”

Chase wanted to argue, but he knew better than try to reason with Oryn in her current emotional state. That would only lead to tension that they didn’t need. He could always mount a rescue without her, though he knew that there would be hell to pay if he did that. Right now, and before they could move to Erevos, they had a few things to prepare, and to make sure they were going with a plan and ready for what could await them. The last thing they needed was to go half-assed, unprepared, and perhaps even play into Arakan’s plan in doing so.

Please continue to check in for further developments and updates. Cheers!

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