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Destination Oblivion out on Amazon

I just realized that I didn't make a blog post to announce my third book, Destination Oblivion, which was released December 7th, 2015. It's the third (but not last) book from the Universe in Flames. I have yet to release the Paperback edition in the next few days. I'm just taking the time to review the book once more and correct a few mistakes before sending it to Createspace.

A new omnibus containing all three books will also be release in the weeks to come at a special price (I'm thinking 7.77$, that's a 3.2$ savings on buying all three books separately).

If you haven't read the Universe in Flames saga, this could be the right book to get.

You can find Destination Oblivion on Amazon here:

If you are an Amazon Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime member, you can read any of my books for free.

Til next time,

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