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Fury to the Stars - First draft complete.

I'm happy to report that I have finished the first draft for Fury to the Stars this morning at 5am. While this is just a milestone until release this fall, it is quite a good feeling to reach the end of this arc in the story for the Universe in Flames saga.

There are still corrections and polish phases to be done now and then copy editing and proof reading. I target November for release, my current deadline set at November 17th.

Since copy editing and proof reading will depend on the disponibility and schedule of the talented and trusted people I work with on this series, I cannot garantee a fixed deadline just yet, but November seems like the most realisitc month for the time being.

Fury to the Stars currently weighs in at 328 pages, and I'm very happy with it so far. Copyediting sometimes means trimming some parts so the page number may still evolve until release.

Now it's time for me to get back to polishing that first draft.

Thanks for reading.



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