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A Universe in Flames Origins Story & Announcing

Captain’s Log

A Universe in Flames Origins Story & Announcing


Author Christian Kallias


Course Correction & SciFiReads

Captain’s Log – Stardate 71924.7

Course Correction - Universe in Flames Origins Episode 1 Coming June 25 – Are you excited?!

Today, I have for you a Universe in Flames Origins Episode 1 story. It features Keera from the Universe in Flames 10-book series and tells about her early days and how she became involved in the UiF storyline.

The tentative launch date is scheduled for Monday, June 25 and will be available for a special price of $0.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

This book will also contain a very nice surprise inside, so please check it out.

I'm also planning on writing more in this new Universe in Flames Origins series and will be featuring other character-fan favorites. For now, I hope you enjoy the story.

Now, onto even more exciting news. SCIFIREADS.COM

For months I have been dying to let you know about this new project of mine (which I hinted at once or twice). It's appropriate that today is my birthday and I get to inform you about this project. Back in November 2017, when I attended the 20BookstoVEGAS convention, one thing became clear to me. We live in a world where indies need to collaborate moving forward. But more than this, along with myself, 7 other award-winning, bestselling authors shared my passion for SciFi, extra content, and the desire to create a strong community where both readers and authors meet together.

Fast forward to January 2018, and I started contacting author friends to see if they'd join me in a new venture, to provide exclusive and a constant stream of content on a platform we named SciFiReads.

There were already websites regrouping readers and multiple authors, but when we assembled this dream team, including only bestselling authors in the Military SciFi & Space Opera categories, with a USA Today Bestseller (Isaac Hooke) and a Dragon Award winner (Richard Fox), we wanted to do something unique, something special.

Five months of hard work later, the site is ready and open for you to feast your eyes on. I highly recommend you check it from a computer (desktop or laptop) to get the full multimedia experience.

The site is heavy with graphics and videos, so if you're on a metered connection, better stick to the mobile version. Also, the first load times of the site might be slow depending on the speed of your connection. It's worth letting each page fully load though, trust me on this ;).

We wanted to reward you, our superfans, with exclusive stories you can't find anywhere else (these stories aren't available on Amazon or any other platform). So today, I'm presenting you SciFiReads.

By registering to the site's newsletter, you get instant access to 8 exclusive stories, including mine, called Wings of Destiny, which follows the adventures of Chase at the academy, years before the events of Earth - Last Sanctuary. I hope you'll enjoy it as well as the other 7 stories from my friends and colleagues.

Wishing you all a fantastic day.



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