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Captain's Log - Cover Reveal

Captain’s Log

Cover Reveal


Author Christian Kallias


New Cover for Earth – Last Sanctuary

Captain’s Log – Stardate 71731.4

Over the last several weeks, I’ve tackled the difficult project of rewriting Earth - Last Sanctuary. It's not a full rewrite, but it certainly feels like one since it was such an extensive edit on my part and changing some parts of the story, though most of it is the same, albeit told with my voice. Dialogues were among one of the things that needed the most work, and in that sense, it will feel like a new book somehow, or at the very least, a fresh take on one.

I completed the first draft of the rewrite, and it is now being edited.

I'm also reworking the cover of the book, which brings me to today’s Captain’s Log. Here is the new cover for Earth – Last Sanctuary (Book 1). Let me know what you think.

Until next time, setting a course for the next adventure!

I wish you all a fantastic weekend and upcoming week.



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