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Captain's Log - New Apple Literary Book Award

Captain’s Log

New Apple Literary Book Award


Author Christian Kallias


Solo Medalist Winner

Captain’s Log – Stardate 71596.6

I hope everyone has had a good week and will get some time to relax and enjoy the weekend. It has been cold, windy, and raining here, but I’m hoping this weekend I can get out and enjoy some food and fun with friends.

I am humbled and honored to announce that Earth – Last Sanctuary (Universe in Flames Book 1) was selected the solo Medalist Winner in the eBook Science Fiction category of the New Apple Literary Annual Book Awards.

As per their website: The New Apple's Annual Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing was established to honor the creative achievements of the unsung indie and self-published books that are so often lost among the multitude of releases.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend.

Until next time,



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