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Book 9, Into the Fire Part I, is Done!!

I will be launching the next Universe in Flames Series book, Into the Fire Part I (Book 9) on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. Check out the cover below.

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of some heart-pounding action that awaits you in this next installment.

"Don’t hold back Oryn. If you are truly determined to go after Arakan right here and right now, you’ll have to unleash everything you have to bring me down."


“I’m not going to lose,” said Oryn.

Oryn’s aura exploded around her, transforming the hot and sandy landscape into a white winter wonderland around them for hundreds of yards.

Chase pushed his aura to the maximum but without having to turn into an Ultra Fury.

Oryn thrust both hands forward toward Chase and unleashed a column of freezing energy at him. He teleported away from the attack just as it was going to hit him and reappeared right after it passed. To human eyes, it would have looked as if Oryn’s attack had passed through him, but Chase had no doubt that Oryn had seen what he had done.

Chase aimed his hand toward Oryn, but before he could fire, she adjusted her position and jumped high in the sky, arching down toward him.

She threw one of the ice spears at him with impressive speed. With a single thought, Chase pushed his aura and concentrated all of the energy in front of him to cast an invisible shield. The ice spear impacted with it and completely disintegrated within an inch from Chase’s face.

Oryn sent more energy to her remaining spear, making it grow and imbuing it with icy blue energy from within. She prepared to thrust the deadly weapon, and that’s when Chase acted. His eyes flashed purple for just a second and, to Oryn’s shock, the spear exploded into a million pieces.

Chase heard her growl in frustration and saw a large shockwave explode in the distance. It sent a tsunami of sand his way. The sandstorm wall was approaching him at tremendous speed, but before it reached him, an angry Oryn emerged from the sandy wall, her eyes glowing like two diamonds in the dead of the night. The wall of sand instantly crystallized into ice the moment she pushed through it and exploded like a broken mirror. She was bleeding from the mouth, and Chase could feel her anger grow exponentially as she approached him.

She infused light blue energy into her entire forearm, leaving a beautiful blue, steamy trail in the air as she pushed forward with all her might and threw the most powerful punch she could muster toward Chase’s face.

Chase tilted his head to the side just enough to avoid the terrible blow, and the moment her fist passed next to his neck, he thrust both his jaw and shoulder and used them to snatch Oryn’s wrist. He did it with such speed, precision and power that he broke multiple bones.

Oryn yelped at the excruciating pain, but before she could react, Chase unleashed a battle roar. His purple aura retracted and then exploded in a split second, sending a powerful shockwave, which smashed Oryn backward to the ground as she rebounded uncontrollably for a few hundred yards.

When she got back up, blood ran from both her mouth and nose. And Chase saw in her eyes something that he knew she needed to experience. Both doubt and fear. Tears formed and were blown away by the heavy wind and crystallized into shining snowflakes before disintegrating into the dusty and oppressing atmosphere of her home world.

Oryn unleashed a roar of frustration and ground her teeth as her aura grew more and more. She grabbed her broken wrist and froze it into place to attenuate the pain.

Three crimson lightning bolts shot from the sky and impacted her. But instead of causing damage, it improved her abilities and recharged her energy pool. Whether or not she was conscious of doing so, she had managed to get energy from the planet itself, something Chase found fascinating and should probably investigate further.

As much as he admired Oryn’s resilience in the matter, he needed to end this fight.

She growled like a wounded animal that wanted revenge as she raised her good fist toward the sky. A blue, almost liquid-like energy enveloped her fist and grew in size quickly. She smashed it to the ground in front of her, sending the energy hundreds of yards away.

She had concentrated the integrality of her power into this last attack, and as much as Chase didn’t want to go there, he felt how dangerous the situation had become.

* The ellipses indicate a break in the original text of the book. I do not want to give away too many details so I don’t spoil the surprises that are in store for Chase and his friends.

Here is the pre-final cover for Into the Fire Part I, Universe in Flames Book 9.

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