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Captain's Log - Universe in Flames Book Series - A Change of Scenery


Author Christian Kallias


Book 9 UiF Series Update

Captain’s Log – Stardate 71040.6

As some of you may know, I was born in Geneva, Switzerland, but as my surname suggests, I have Greek roots and often dream of a life in Greece. This week I am traveling in Greece to see some sights and to take advantage of walking along the beach and gathering ideas for Book 9 (tentative title Into the Fire Part I).

Here is another sneak peek into what may happen as the saga continues…

The Alliance has taken back the Gorgar world.

Arakan sat up on the bed.

Should we take this world back?

Are you actually asking for my council? Willingly?

What should I do?

Well, it’s about time. I think the Gorgar served their purpose, allowed you to create armadas you could easily sacrifice to get your plan in motion. And it worked. You’ve killed Zeus, and Olympus is no more. That’s the first crack in the Earth Alliance. But it will grow bigger until it shatters.

Arakan got up from his bed and walked toward the viewport. The ship was approaching the wormhole. The tantalizing purple and blue tendrils around its bright white surface looked like energy-based snakes performing a hypnotizing dance ritual.

“But if we let them have this world,” said Arakan out loud. “They could grow ships themselves, and fast.”

You know as well as I do that this war won’t be won by who controls the biggest firepower. It’s a battle of wills, and you are ahead. They will come for you, and soon. How you deal with that will decide the fate of this war.

“All I have to do is to kill Chase.”

Yes…and the Alliance will fall.

Please continue to check in for further developments and updates. Cheers!

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