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Battlecry of the Galaxy Cover 4TAG 900.jpg

Artwork & Music by Christian Kallias


The First UNIVERSE IN FLAMES (AI) Metal Album

I've used AI and my knowledge and life-long PASSION for Metal music to craft an album that's mostly themed around my bestselling book series UNIVERSE IN FLAMES. 

It's available for you to listen on Bandcamp. 

I've always wanted to one day create a musical album based on my universes and today this dream has come true.

Track List:

1. Battlecry of the Galaxy 08:00
2. Asunder 03:24 
3. Blood Brothers 03:23
4. Heroes of the Galaxy 04:24 video
5. Alkyon's Been Boarded (Hail to Altair, the Fallen Emperor) 03:43
6. Tears of Vengeance 04:11
7. Rise of the Crusader 03:17
8. Fireborn 03:53
9. Battlefield of Titans 03:44
10. Heart of the Matrix 04:30
11. We Won't Surrender (the Fight) 05:05
12. Together 'Til the End 04:39
13. Through the Blockade 04:22
14. Battlecry of the Galaxy (Radio Edit) 04:29
15. Outro: Twilight of the Gods (Instrumental) 07:06



Artwork by Christian Kallias

Chaos Unleashed Box Set

The universe stands on the precipice. Will Chase prevail, or is all hope lost?

Embark on an epic journey as the war with the Spectres reaches a boiling point, pushing Chase and the Alliance to their limits in a fight for survival.

As Ashra consolidates her power and sets her sights on total annihilation of all life in the universe, Chase and the Alkyon One space station face a harrowing ordeal that puts the fate of the entire Alliance in jeopardy.

In a heart-stopping showdown against Ashra, Chase and his family must rally all their strength and courage to prevent our dimension from descending into eternal darkness.

Discover the gripping conclusion in the Chaos Unleashed Box Set, featuring the thrilling last three books of the season & series (and 4 shorter stories):

  • Book 15: Fireborn

  • Book 16: Atlantis

  • Book 17: Asunder

  • Extra 1: Damocles Fall - Extended Edition

  • Extra 2: Way of the Warrior (formerly Ryonna's Wrath)

  • Extra 3: Into the Abyss

  • Extra 4: Course Correction

Exclusive to this box set is a sneak peek of the first prequel, Battleship Destiny, and a link to the electrifying first Universe in Flames themed metal song, "Asunder," the anthem of Earth Alliance warriors.


Artwork by Christian Kallias

Warship Thalamos: Complete From Far Beyond Series

From reject to starship captain in 1 nanosecond

Kevin’s father thinks he’s a loser, and a brand-new rejection from MIT isn’t going to convince dad otherwise.

He goes for a lakeside walk to sort things out in his mind – and an alien ship crashes right in front of him.

With his last breath, the dying captain imparts Kevin with a chilling revelation. An intergalactic war looms ominously, threatening all sentient life. A war that Kevin, in a twist of fate, will now need to fight.

On the losing side.

In command of the last remaining warship.

The crew of the ship? All dead.

With billions of lives hanging in the balance.

So, no pressure!


Artwork by Christian Kallias

From Far Beyond 6: Civil War

The Epic conclusion of the From Far Beyond Saga

A mad scientist seeking revenge.
An unleashed warship AI.
A full-scale Civil War.

The clock is ticking to stop a mad scientist determined to conquer the galaxy. Kevin and his friends thought they had the situation well under control.

They couldn't have been more wrong...


Artwork by Christian Kallias

The Fifth UiF Trilogy

The war with the Spectres reaches its boiling point. It's a fight to the finish for Chase and the Alliance.

The conflict against the Spectres and the Guards is intensifying, compelling Chase and the Alliance to fight the war on multiple fronts.

Ashra is scheming to consolidate more power within the Spectres, aiming to elevate herself at the very top, stopping at nothing to reach her goal.

Meanwhile, Asgard becomes the focal point of attention. When the Guards launch a sneak attack, it results in major power shifts in the region.

Are Loki and Thor ready to risk their lives to save their world?

With Chase and his family in Ashra's crosshairs, they must marshall all their might and courage for the final showdown.

A battle they can't afford to lose, for failure would plunge their dimension into eternal darkness.


Artwork by Christian Kallias

Universe in Flames 16 & 17

The Epic conclusion of the Universe in Flames Saga.

The lost city of Atlantis has been found.


Chase and the team head to Atlantis in the hope of finding new weapons to defeat the Spectres. Shortly after being coronated as the new king of Asgard, Poseidon has to defend his new kingdom from multiple foes.

Meanwhile, Ashra, plagued by a lethal disease threatening to obliterate her souls and powers, must retreat to the other dimension to ensure her survival — making an astonishing revelation about the essence of true power.

With Atlantean secrets now within reach, can Chase and his friend return to Alliance space in time to prevent a large scale assault on Alkyon One?

If they fail, then all will be lost.


Artwork by Christian Kallias

From Far Beyond 5: Emperor Mine

A new Emperor Rises while a Civil War looms in the distance.

Kevin has graduated from the MIT and he worries about the lack of news from his hologram friend, Ziron. When a Kregan bounty hunter kidnaps him in the middle of the night, it sets off a chain reaction that is certain to spell trouble for the Arcadian Confederate.


Lacuna and Boomer meet an old ally to try and rescue Kevin from the Kregan, but not everything is as it seems.


There are dark forces at work in a galaxy far far away, and Kevin is, one more time, thrown dead center into the eye of the storm.


Having been away from the intergalactic wargames for three years, can Kevin jump back on the horse to save two civilizations from destroying one another?


If he fails, the galaxy will fall.


Artwork by Christian Kallias

From Far Beyond 1: Spaceship Down

What would you do if an alien spaceship crashed right in front of you?

Kevin wants to prove to his father he isn’t a loser. On the day he gets rejected from MIT, he goes for a long walk by the lakeside to try to figure out his life.

That’s the night he discovers that not only are humans not alone in the universe, but there’s an intergalactic war that threatens every living being.

An alien ship crashes right in front of him, and with its dying breath, the occupant recruits Kevin to fight a terrifying enemy.

Kevin soon finds himself in command of the last remaining ship…on the losing side.

The crew of the ship? All dead.

His mission is simple: he must save the good guys from certain doom.

From College reject to War Master, Kevin learns he must adapt quickly or billions will die.

ShadowWars 3D Boxset NLSize transp.png

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Universe in Flames: Shadow Wars 

Know thy true Enemy... Or it shall destroy your Destiny.

The sudden arrival of the Asgardians into the Fury War tilts the balance of power in the galaxy in the Alliance’s favor. But can this powerful new ally help stop an enemy as ruthless and savage as the Furies?


There’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded beast backed into a corner. And Arakan, the Supreme Commander of the Furies, isn’t accustomed to backing down when things get tough. The more resistance he encounters, the harder he’ll push forward, relentlessly destroying everything and everyone standing in his path to total domination.


Not everything is as it seems, however. The seed of true evil often operates from behind the curtain... lurking and shifting through the shadows, staying undetected until it’s ready to strike.


Chase and the Alliance will need to put everything on the line to stop the Furies from plunging the universe into darkness. War demands sacrifices, but is Chase ready to go all-in to defeat a seemingly unstoppable foe while still fighting demons of his own making?


If he fails, the already wavering flame of hope throughout the galaxy will be snuffed out.



UiF15 SIE.jpg

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Universe in Flames 15: FIREBORN 

Through Fire and Blood, a new Warrior Awakens.

With Gaia’s return and help, the Alliance rushes to find a solution to save the population of Droxia from turning into an army of cybernetic drones. Meanwhile, Ashra is unleashing the next part of her plan to assert her domination in this dimension by removing the last bit of resistance standing in her way.
The EAD Helios is tasked with containing the Droxian plague and ensuring it doesn’t spread in other systems.
In the unknown regions, Ryonna’s and Menelas’s Portal Team One get a new addition when Cedric takes the place of Yanis. Together they explore a promising planet in the hopes of finding new technology to help them defeat the ever-growing Spectre threat. When they discover a hidden structure of Atlantian design, they quickly realize that they weren’t the first to get there, and an old foe resurfaces.
When a seemingly happy reunion goes astray, Chase and the entire Alkyon One station are put into the line of fire.
With the fate of the entire Alliance now hanging by a thread, a lone warrior must step up if they hope to survive a Spectre infiltration.


Artwork by Christian Kallias

Galactic Tales 

10 Epic Stories from Earth & Beyond

Adventure beckons in every corner of the galaxy. 

Galactic Tales is an epic collection of high-octane short to novella-sized stories from bestselling author Christian Kallias, ranging from Alien Invasion to Space Opera with lots more in between. Rocket from Earth to the great Beyond, and to the farthest alien civilizations.

This anthology contains the following 10 stories


Artwork by Christian Kallias

Dominion (UiF Book 14)


When Asgard is attacked, heroes are revealed.

When his home world is under attack by the Guards, Loki has to risk everything to save Asgard and his people. With Thor still hours away, Loki has to use all his wits to delay the mighty Grunhild. But can he face a warrior with such strong psychic abilities?

Chase and the Furies try to come to an arrangement that will prove unpopular with the Earth Alliance council when they realize that the Spectres have deployed a weapon preventing their ability to wage war on a level playing field.

When Ares falls ill out of the blue, things heat up in the unknown region. The Olympian’s ailment could very well hold the key to leading Ryonna’s team toward what they’ve been looking for all along.

Meanwhile, Ashra wakes up in a regeneration chamber with even less life force than during her close-call battle with Chase and Nyx. When she realizes that there are forces within her own ranks plotting against her, she will do anything to make sure that no one dares challenge her dominion over this dimension.

The Earth Alliance is forced to fight a war on multiple fronts and prevent multiple schemes from swallowing one world after another, but can Chase find the courage to keep a clear head and prevent the universe from being swallowed whole?


Artwork by Christian Kallias

Universe in Flames Olympus Rising


I am Fury. Evil has followed me to Earth. I shall Protect this World until my Dying Breath.


The best edition yet! Contains a brand new exclusive Story (Saroudis's Destiny) & more extras.

The Star Alliance has fallen, and the survivors flee into the unknown.

To a small planet called…Earth.

Even aboard the Destiny, ace pilot Chase Athanatos has always felt like an outsider…like something different was coursing through his veins.

That unknown force could be the key to survival.

War is coming – the most devastating war the universe has ever known. On the Destiny, morale is low. And Earth hangs in the balance.

Is Chase ready for the task ahead? Can he survive an enemy feared throughout the ages?

Find out in the best version yet of the Universe in Flames best-selling saga. 3000+ pages of non-stop action. Join the ride today and discover why readers praise this series so much.

Olympus Rising contains a brand new story (Saroudis’s Destiny) as well as a sneak peek of the prequel series

UiF13 - NLSize 1200.jpg

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Reckoning (UiF Book 13)



Chase and the Alliance assemble the largest fleet in history to prevent the Spectres from invading their dimension.

Meanwhile, in the unknown regions, a team assembles to travel through the newly discovered Atlantian portal system to find new technologies and dwindling resources like pentalium.

As Asrak’Vor and Ashra’Lur unite to inflict a deadly blow to the heart of the Alliance, Chase and his family are thrown into the eye of the storm.

Can Chase and his allies repel an interdimensional invasion that threatens all life in the galaxy? And at what cost?


Artwork by Christian Kallias

Unleashed (UiF Book 12)



A terrifying threat from the past.

A warrior whose power knows no limit.

A man determined to exact revenge on his creators.

Even after the sheer destruction of the first Fury war, thousands of Furies remained scattered throughout the cosmos.

Super soldiers were created to wipe them out…and once their job was finished, they were hunted down and imprisoned, so that the universe would never fall victim to the soldiers’ power.

An attack on an Asgardian prison ship brings about the unthinkable. A super solider has now been unleashed.

And the universe trembles.

How will the Alliance survive, with their numbers stretched thin against multiplying enemies? Can Chase withstand a foe designed to kill him?


Artwork by Christian Kallias

Universe in Flames MEGABOX




An ancient foe lurks in the shadows… licking its wounds and assembling its forces.

Risen from the ashes and shrouded in darkness, these ancient beings are waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike back and set the universe on fire.

After their world is ambushed in a devastating onslaught, the Star Alliance is nearly wiped out in one fell swoop. Hotheaded pilot Chase Athanatos leads the barely surviving fleet to the far edge of space and a small backwater planet.

A little-known world called Earth.

In doing so, the Alliance unwittingly puts Earth in the crosshairs of an intergalactic, eons-old conflict between ancient foes and god-like creatures known as the Olympians.

Chase’s people must join forces with the citizens of modern-day Earth if they hope to survive the resurgence of an enemy once thought extinct.

When it becomes clear that his Fury powers are awakening, Chase must face his inner demons and learn to control them, or he could very well destroy the universe he has sworn to protect.

If he doesn’t succeed, then the galaxy will fall into darkness... Forever.



Freedom's End (Rewind 717 episodes)


The year is 2175. Only a few cities are left… My name is Cole Seeker. I’m a secret agent tasked with preventing nuclear apocalypse. Today is the longest day of my life.

A nuclear strike wipes out most of Geneva - one of the last cities left on Earth.
Rewind agent Cole Seeker is tasked with preventing it from happening... again.
But things aren’t as they seem.

Cole has 717 minutes to save the world. As he runs against the clock, his duties and allegiances blur…along with his grip on reality.
Is he risking his life for the good of humanity? Or is he really helping bring its total annihilation?
The clock to nuclear apocalypse is ticking.

Blade Runner meets Jack Bauer in this action-packed thrill ride. Download this gripping military sci-fi today.

Artwork by Christian Kallias
(Futuristic city by Tom Edwards)

_UiFDL1 Cover-NL.jpg

Nemesis (UiF Dark Legacy Book 1)


We thought defeating the Furies would bring peace to the Galaxy. We were wrong.


A year has passed since defeating the Furies. Members of the Alliance are settling into their new roles, but unexpected forces are about to shatter their sense of peace.

Former Admiral Chase Athanatos and the Earth Alliance have won the Fury War. But in doing so, Chase paid a terrible price. His wife, Sarah, was mortally wounded, so he heads out to the unknown region hoping to find a cure.

In the alternate dimension, Ares survived the destruction of Erevos. In his current quest to gather intel about the Spectres and their plans, he’s forced to consider an unlikely alliance with a Fury survivor—that is, if he ever hopes to return home.

Tar’Lock now serves aboard a mercenary ship under the leadership of Captain Talon Epizon, a man with demons and who despises the Earth Alliance. When they come in contact with an enemy spider ship, all hell breaks loose, and the ragtag crew of the Bellerophon must defy the odds if they wish to survive.

It appears the peace that came with defeating the Furies was short-lived. Now the universe is about to plunge into darkness once more. Are Chase and his friends ready for the Spectres? How can they defeat an enemy immensely more powerful than the mighty Furies? 

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Season 2 is HERE!

DISPLATES website.jpg

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Origins 1: Course Correction


It was supposed to be a simple smash & grab. Of course things had to go sideways.


Keera’s a bounty hunter. A damned good one. But when a mission goes wrong, she suddenly finds herself questioning everything.

Just when she’s about to call it quits, some scumbags decide to endanger an innocent child, and only Keera has the skills to bring her home.

If Keera can’t pull herself together in time, it won’t just be the child’s life hanging by a thread – it will be her own.

Bonus content: This book contains 3 chapters of the upcoming series, Universe in Flames – Dark Legacy.

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Book 1: Earth - Last Sanctuary
The Definitive Edition of the first book in the UiF saga.


Earth. Our Last Sanctuary. The Last Beacon of Hope Against the Rising Darkness.


The Obsidian Empire has shattered the Star Alliance. Lieutenant Chase Athanatos manages to escape their wrath, piloting his fighter to lead a band of survivors to the edge of the galaxy…to a little planet called Earth.


But Earth is in trouble. The Empire is hot on their trail, and unless Chase can find a way to stop them, what remains of the Alliance is doomed to extinction.


Unbeknownst to him, something dormant is coursing through Chase's blood. Something ancient.


But does it hold the key to changing their destiny?

Solo Medalist Winner in the E-Book Science Fiction category of the New Apple Literary Annual Book Awards.

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Book 10: To End all Wars (Into the Fire Part II)


Sometimes Victory Comes at a Price.

Chase and his friends are still shaken following their crushing defeat against the Spectre, also known as Tanak’Vor. Now, their course is set for Earth to acquire the final piece of the puzzle in the Fury War: the soul ships. The legendary craft could help the Earth Alliance tip the balance and defeat the Furies once and for all.

Aboard the Victory, the crack engineering crew, devise a new training method, one that could help Chase and his team of warriors bridge the power gap between them and the enemy. But will it be enough against an enemy as powerful as Tanak’Vor?

As the eleventh hour draws near, will the heroes be ready for the final battle awaiting them? Will the Universe survive? And, as the Earth Alliance prepares for the final assault on Erevos, will Chase be ready to pay the ultimate price for victory?

The Epic conclusion of the thrilling bestselling Space Opera series.

Read my Universe in Flames Books Free with Kindle Unlimited

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Book 9: Requiem of Souls (Into the Fire Part I)

Worlds Collide. Enemies Unite. Heroes Fall. 


As the last battle draws near, Chase’s confidence is shaken from losing Zeus and Olympus. As tensions arise between Chase and those in his group on how to proceed next, he cautions against rushing to Erevos against everyone else’s wishes.

Meanwhile, the Emperor is tasked to reclaim the Gorgar home world with the help of Ryonna, Tar’Lock, and Keera. But they soon discover many things have changed since their last visit.

Arakan returns to his home world, overconfident that he can take on anyone that’s standing in his way. But something dark is looming over Erevos; a malevolent force that will stop at nothing to get what it wants.


The 2nd Universe in Flames Trilogy

Secrets Revealed. Powers Unlocked. An Alliance is Born.


Ten thousand years ago, the Furies nearly exterminated all life in the universe before being defeated by a coalition of worlds led by the Olympians.


Or so everyone thought.


Now they're back, and a new reign of terror has begun.

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Book 8: Twilight of the Gods

Darkness Extinguished the Starlight and the Gods Wept.


Chase tries to convince Thor and the Asgardians to reconsider Kvasir’s fate as well as membership in the Earth Alliance. Oryn believes she knows a way to convince the Asgardians to join them in their fight against the Furies, but Thor is not easily manipulated.


The Furies move en masse to Droxia to finish what they started earlier as Sarah is tested in unexpected ways.


When Arakan sets his sights on Asgard, Chase sees this as an opportunity to assemble a strong and forceful Alliance. One that could bring down the Furies once and for all.


Despite appearances, Supreme Commander Arakan knows exactly what he’s doing. And as the battle draws near, he’s determined to strike a blow to the heart of the opposition; one that will resonate throughout the ages.

The 1st Universe in Flames Trilogy

I am Fury. Evil has followed me to Earth. I shall Protect this World until my Dying Breath.


When the Obsidian Empire obliterates the Star Alliance with the help of the Zarlacks, an old evil race long thought extinct, the universe is set ablaze. The last survivors are forced to make a blind jump beyond the outer reach of the charted universe, to a world teeming with life: Earth. The fleet's arrival inadvertently alerts the enemies to the presence of sentient life in that part of space, resulting in a swift and devastating invasion of the blue marble.


Under the guidance of the Olympian goddess of Love, Aphroditis, Lieutenant Chase Athanatos learns of his origins and must race against time in a daring attempt to save Earth, their Last Sanctuary.

With Earth now thrown at the center of the conflict, the newly formed Earth Alliance struggles to keep the enemy at bay. Desperately outnumbered, Chase and his friends must wage one battle after another while seeking new allies to survive.


When it becomes clear that his Fury powers are awakening, Chase must face his inner demons and learn to control them or he could very well destroy the universe he has sworn to protect. Can his Fury heritage and unwavering determination hold the key to change the course of everyone's destiny?


Artwork by Christian Kallias

Book 7: Armageddon Unleashed


With Gaia 2's threat looming over Earth, Captain Chase Athanatos embarks on a perilous mission to take down the evil Artificial Intelligence once and for all. 


The biggest battle and challenge Chase has ever faced awaits him; one where his strength of character and spirit will be tested at every turn. Can Chase best Gaia 2 on her own turf? Or has the Earth Alliance bitten off more than they can chew?


Meanwhile, Oryn plans to take control of the Furies with some new technology she's been developing. When the time comes for Fury trial, she doesn't hesitate to use her own brother Miseo to test its efficiency.


The battle to regain Earth has begun. The stakes have never been higher, as are the dangers and consequences should our heroes fail their daring mission.


Artwork by Christian Kallias
Fury destroyer model by Levi Mueller

Book 6: Shadows of Olympus


With the arrival of a powerful new threat in orbit around Earth, the Alliance is forced to vacate Earth space while a small group stays behind to ensure humanity isn’t enslaved or worse, wiped out.

Meanwhile, the rest of the fleet splits into separate missions, each of them vital in rebuilding the Earth Alliance forces and strengthening what’s left of the fleet. Sarah, Chris and Daniel follow a lead to a remote part of space in the hope of establishing a dialogue with the Asgardians, unaware of the dangers that will await them upon arrival.

Chase’s visit to Olympus to meet with Zeus doesn’t go as planned but he learns crucial information that could turn the tides of the Fury war. Chase soon realizes that to achieve a permanent alliance with Olympus, he will have to deal with a deadly new foe, one powerful enough to cancel out his Ultra Fury powers.


Artwork by Christian Kallias
Fury destroyer models by Levi Mueller

Book 5: Rise of the Ultra Fury


While Sarah is near the term of her pregnancy, Chase is at death's door. In a race against time, his friends risk everything in the hopes of bringing him back. In order to do so, Ares enlists the help of another Olympian as well as an unlikely ally. Someone they can't trust but desperately need on their side. 

Beyond the gates of the Underworld, Chase questions himself and every one of his past decisions. Both his faith for the future and his confidence are shattered as he faces his inner demons in order to grow stronger. A new mentor steps in to guide him in reaching his full potential. 

After having witnessed her home world being nearly obliterated by the Furies, Ryonna goes on a quest to rescue her brother-in-law who might have stumbled onto a technological advantage the Earth Alliance so direly needs. 

Meanwhile, the Furies are creating a fleet of advanced ships. As soon as their first super-destroyer is ready to deploy, they decide the time has come to teach the Earth Alliance a lesson in power. 

Can the Earth Alliance repel such a powerful enemy? And at what cost? 

Artwork by Christian Kallias

Book 4: The Beginning of the End


Ten thousands years ago, the Furies nearly exterminated all life in the universe before being defeated by a coalition of worlds led by the Olympians.


Or so everyone thought...


Now they're back and a new reign of terror has begun.


With the help of Gaia, Chase trains to increase his powers tenfold in the hope to defeat the Furies once and for all. But will it be enough to stop an unstoppable enemy?




Artwork by Christian Kallias

Book 3: Destination Oblivion
The third book in the UNIVERSE IN FLAMES saga.


Still haunted by nightmares about Sarah, Chase leaves the Earth Alliance and discards both Aphroditis and Ares’ counsel in his quest for revenge. He falls into a dangerous, dark pit of hatred, sorrow and regret that consumes his soul with every passing moment.


In the meantime, the Earth Alliance, now equipped with better technology, is winning most of its battles against the Zarlack forces, while the Obsidian Empire enters into talks to join the Alliance, their once mortal enemy.


When Argos finds the hiding place of the Olympians and decides to strike, he reappears on Chase’s radar. Blinded by rage and fully determined to unleash the full brunt of his vengeance upon Argos, Chase teams up with Keera, a sexy bounty hunter, to hunt him down with only one purpose in mind: to end his life forever.


But nothing is really as it seems and Chase’s life is again about to be turned upside down.



Artwork by Christian Kallias

Book 2: Fury to the Stars
The second book in the UNIVERSE IN FLAMES saga.


With Commander Sarah Kepler imprisoned and being brutally interrogated by her captor, Chase learns more about his birthright powers as he tries to locate her. It soon becomes clear that he must learn to control them or he could end up destroying the very universe he's trying to save.


Meanwhile, the Destiny battlegroup is being escorted to Droxia to answer for their actions, unaware of what awaits them upon their arrival. On Earth, humanity licks its wounds when some unforeseen acts of terror threatens the newly found peace that the fresh and frail Alliance brought along with their arrival.


An unexpected ally surfaces with information that could tip the balance of power for the first time since the Obsidian Empire obliterated the Star Alliance. But considering his past actions, can he really be trusted?


Chase is determined to save his beloved Sarah at all costs, but with the fate of the universe in the balance and his overwhelming powers quickly coming to the surface, his task is not an easy one. Neither is the growing burden of responsibility already eating at his soul.


Choices and sacrifices are to be made. But will Chase be able to live with the consequences of his actions?

Artwork by Christian Kallias

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